Automatic Rolling Shutter Manufacturers in Chennai

Automatic Rolling Shutter

These products are available in various sizes and qualities and are in great demand in large industries. Olympic Shutters Company is a leader in offering a wide range of automatic roller shutters at the most pocket-friendly prices that meet your needs in style.

Commercial & Industrial Automatic Rolling Shutter

We are one of the topmost automatic rolling shutter manufacturers in Chennai providing a wide-range of automatic roller shutters, gates, and grilles, also high-speed roller doors at the best market prices tailored to the client’s requirements.


Automatic roller shutters are the ideal solution when burglary, vandalism, storm protection, and trouble-free operation are top priorities. Roller shutters are the most popular and widely used because they are very easy to use and require little maintenance. These shutters are ideal for warehouses, factories, industrial plants, shopping mall entrances, garages, and large openings.


There is no comparison of standard automatic roller shutters produced by Olympic Shutters Company. Our company trades and manufactures the highest quality automatic roller shutters according to our customer’s needs; so that our customers can be assured that they will receive the optimum quality product at the most competitive prices.

Advantages of Automatic Rolling Shutter Supplied by Us

  • Operational safety and long-term quality
  • Perfect for warehouses, parking lots, storefronts and garages
  • Perfect for economy, safety and comfort
  • High quality and powerful roller shutter, complete satisfaction
  • Skilled workforce to understand, innovate and implement international standard automatic roller shutters
  • Top quality raw materials for manufacturing
  • Manual operation function in case of power failure
  • State-of-the-art automation and energy efficiency


  • Automation Grade —————————————–Automatic
  • Control——————————————————– Remote, Push button
  • Design———————————————————-flat, curved
  • Material——————————————————–Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Opening Pattern———————————————-up, down
  • Open Style——————————————————Rolling
  • Style————————————————————–Full Height
  • Dimension/Size———————————————–3000 * 4000
  • Insulation——————————————————-Interior & Exterior
  • Color————————————————————- Silver

It is a leading Automatic Rolling Shutter manufacturer, fabricator and supplier. Our technical know-how is always an advantage for our customers. We provide installation, maintenance and upgrade services.