Industrial Rolling Shutter Manufacturers in Chennai

We at Olympic Shutters Company, one of the top industrial rolling shutter manufacturers in Chennai are engaged in the production and supply of a range of industrial shutters at an affordable price. Our products are recognized by our customers for their diverse features such as smooth function, robust structure, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, and durability. We only source high-quality raw materials from certified and trusted suppliers to ensure product quality.

What is Industrial Rolling Shutter?

Are you concerned about the security of your industrial, garage, commercial space, windows, and doors? Are you looking for ways to protect them from theft, vandalism, rain, fire, or wind? Industrial roller shutters are constructed from layers of double-walled aluminum that provide efficiency, functionality, and durability while maintaining strength and lightweight. Metal alloys are very strong and cannot be broken by intruders. The window or door is consisting of horizontal bars connected by hinges. You can easily open it by raising it and close it by lowering it.

Why Choose Us

We design and manufacture an assortment of all types of roller shutters including pull & push types, geared motorized and perforated roller shutters. Manufactured from high-quality steel and metal alloys, these roller shutters are used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Our reliable and corrosion-resistant products are your best choice for security, energy saving, and privacy. These shutters can also reduce the level of damage from dust, noise, and the sun’s harmful rays.

Advantages of Supplied Industrial Rolling Shutters

  • Easy to install, these security roller shutters provide smooth operation and require no special skills to operate.
  • Waterproof and heat resistant
  • These shutters have a powder coat finish and a drive hood cover for safety.
  • These are the perfect alternative to curtains by blocking out the sun’s rays and controlling light. Keep your room cool in summer and helps in saving energy bills.
  • No one can control the noise outside. Installing overhead roller shutters can keep people away from noise by blocking at least 60-70% of the noise.
  • It improves the aesthetic appearance of the home and increases its value. It can also be customized and used as decoration.