Manual Rolling Shutters Manufacturers in Chennai

We at Olympic Shutters Company are one of the most reputed and reliable manual rolling shutters manufacturers in Chennai. These shutters are impeccably designed and manufactured by a team of experienced professionals. It has received high praise for various functions such as smooth operation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. To keep up with current industry trends, we ensure that manufacturing processes are performed in strict compliance with the industry.


Our manual roller shutters are easy to use and require little maintenance during operation. These manual shutters not only provide a high level of security but also limit heat loss within the building. We offer these shutters in a variety of colors for a discreet look. The manual roller shutters offered are highly demanded by customers who value quality and finish and are widely used in end areas such as shops, and department stores.

What is Manual Rolling Shutters?

Unlike electric shutters, manual shutters can be opened and closed in hand or manually by turning a crank or elevator. Since no electricity is used, the door can be opened and closed using only muscle power. A manual roller shutter is a commonly used roller shutter that can be opened and closed manually, as opposed to an automatic roller shutter. These roller shutters are trendy but less convenient than automatic roller shutters. These manual rolling shutters are mostly used in Residential lifts, Hospitals, Offices, Retail stores, Airports, Restaurants, etc.


These galvanized manual roller shutters are called hurricane roller shutters, roller shutters, or security roller shutters. Additionally, they are multitasking shutters that perform many different tasks. The exceptional designs our artists produce require hours of hard work combined with a humble desire to do their best. Their incredible skill is reflected in every item they make.

Advantages of Supplied Manual Rolling Shutters

  • Very cheap compared to automatic roller shutters
  • Ability to open and close the shutter accordingly
  • Durable and manufactured under expert supervision to provide superior protection
  • It does not require a power supply and operates even during power outages.