Rolling Shutter Dealers in Chennai

Rolling Shutter

Are you worried about the safety of your home, office, commercial space, garage, windows, and doors? Do you ponder about how to them from burglary, vandalism, rain, wind, and fire? Then, rolling shutters are the best option.ย 

Rolling Shutter is a shuttered window or door that consists of horizontal bars that are hinged together. You can easily raise it to open or bring it down to close. Besides home security, these shutters can be used to protect warehouses, schools, vans, schools, and prisons.

The industrial rolling shutters have a double-wall layer of aluminum offering durability, functionality, and efficiency and remain robust and lightweight for easier use. It is best used for the protection of storage units of different products and goods pr warehouses. These shutters are sturdy and durable and canโ€™t be broken by intruders.

Features of the Rolling shutters

  • These security shutters are easy to install and have smooth operation.
  • It comes up with Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer sealing that helps the construction industries from various climatic factors such as UV rays, ozone, and extreme weather conditions.
  • These are water-proof and temperature-resistance.
  • It has sensors with safety edges that protect the commercial spaces from major accidents.
  • It has anti-insect and anti-dust property.
  • These shutters have the powder coating finish and the drive hood cover for safety.


  • Operating Mode——————————————-Manually
  • Material——————————————————Aluminium
  • Product Type———————————————– Shop Front Rolling Shutter
  • Insulation——————————————————-Exterior
  • Opening Pattern———————————————-Horizontal

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