Rolling Shutter Dealers in Dindigul

Looking for long-lasting rolling shutter doors? OlympicRolling Shutter Company is the place to be. Our roller shutters are available in all sizes, specifications, and colors, making them suitable for almost any application. These high-quality rolling shutter doors are designed and manufactured as per the required parameters and safety standards.


As we are one of the top rolling shutter dealers in Dindigul, our roller shutters are made from quality solid steel or aluminum, with optional insulation. They are used in windows, doors, servers, etc of various industrial and commercial buildings, banks, museums, schools, universities, etc. In fact, wherever protection from physical attack or fire, isolation, high wind resistance, or insulation is required.


Our roller shutters come in sizes up to 10 meters and are made for protecting from light or heavy wind resistance, low or high usage, and standard or high speed. It is made with plastisol or powder coating in a variety of colors. These are made as per your requirements, automatic or manual electric operation, and various safety devices for pedestrians are available.

Olympic Rolling Shutter Company -Best rolling shutter dealers in Dindigul

Our industrial roller shutters are designed to last, so you can install your roller shutters once and forget about them to have a longer service life.  Our extensive product knowledge and ability to manage complex job sites help companies create safer workplaces for their employees and customers.


With almost 30 years of experience supplying roller shutters across Chennai and Tamilnadu, we are committed to providing the best service and solutions.When you buy our range of industrial roller doors,you get service and maintenance support and immediate parts availability, plus long-term cost benefits.

Advantages of Our range of Rolling Shutter Doors

  • High performance, innovative and robust design allows our rolling shutter doors to maintain their integrity for as long as required, even in the event of an attack or fire. Our doors are proven to last and require minimal maintenance.


  • Security roller doors act not only as a visual deterrent but also as a physical barrier against attacks using a variety of means.


  • Roller doors not only protect your building from attack, but their sturdy construction also withstands the elements. Powerful protection from wind and rain allows for better control of the temperature inside the building.